Maatschap Bos - de Vries

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Our nursery was founded in 1979 by Nenne Bos - de Vries. The first crops consisted of a very wide range of cut flowers, Eryngium and Achillea. Over time the company grew into a farm of more than 2.3 hectors, and in 2007 daughter Adrie Klaasse Bos - Bos joined the company. Since then, the company name was changed to Mts. Bos - de Vries.


All our flowers are grown at our location in Zwaanshoek, where they are put in water immediately after cutting and processed at the home location in Nieuw-Vennep. Our main crops include Achillea, Eryngium and Hypericum, but we often experiment with trying out new crops.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we always do our best to prevent/fight against disease and pests in a way that brings less or no damage to the environment. For example, releasing hedgehogs onto our land to help keep the number of slugs and snails down, or ladybirds to help against aphids.

Parasitized aphids by parasitic wasps

A ladybug, both the adults and the larva predate aphids.

In the past years, we have saved out a lot of hedgehogs from the hedgehog care. This is because they are very useful to us because they eat the snails on the nursery.

Hedgehogs from the hedgehog care.