Maatschap Bos - de Vries


Achillea 'Moonshine'

This is a bright yellow Achillea which is known for its good durability and early blooming. Unlike the ‘regular’ A. Filipendulia the moonshine does not have such a potent scent, but a more herbal scent with a pretty grey green leaf.


The peak season of the older plants is between late may and mid June, whereas the younger plants get cut at the end of July until the start of September. Our achillea’s are sold via the flower auction Floraholland, at their establishments in Aalsmeer and/or Rijnsburg.

Achillea millefolium

Of Achillea millefolium we grow several colours, like red, white, purple, yellow, salmon and pink. We try to have this colours available in smaller amounts during the whole summer.


We only cut the Achillea sufficiently ripe (stadium 4+), because of the bad vaselife of the flowers when they have been cut to raw.


Tip: Adding flower food to the water increases vaselife!